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"The very best of Deathbulge's more elaborate comics. Exploring the sweet spot between gag strips and longform storytelling."

PREMIUM TREATS is a 48-page comic book that collects the longer Deathbulge comic stories from 2017 that spawned from a belated Hourly Comic Day attempt.

And I ain't foolin when I say PREMIUM. Everything in this book has enjoyed incredible success online. Except for the book exclusives of course ;) THAT'S RIGHT WE HAVE EXCLUSIVES. Including an extra story that plays throughout the book and I threw in a few new Bulgémon for good measure.

If you choose the PREMIUM EDITION from the drop down menu below, I will draw a little sketch of the baby bin guy binning something you don't like. Tell me what you don't like in the box labelled NOTES & INSTRUCTIONS on the checkout page.

This book contains:

- The Baby Bin Trilogy
- The Deathbulge Party
- The Deathbulge Rumble
- Bulgémon & The Bulgémon Grand Final
- The Trick or Treater
- The Deathbulge Advent Calendar

This book DOES NOT include the shorter comics from recent years. So don't go in expecting to see stuff like the basketball sex comic or the death tattoo comics. Premium Treats is just for the LONGER NARRATIVES.

Book dimensions: 6.69" x 9.44"/ 170mm x 240mm

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